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Want to plan a trip with your kids and have them learn something while on vacation? Here are three great places where the whole family can learn together! (Taken from NationalGeographic.com)

The Museum of Science, Boston

This world-renowned museum includes sections dedicated to engineering, chemistry, biology, as well as the Rube Goldberg Machine, a great exhibit that shows kids how perpetual motion works.

Exploratorium, San Francisco

This museum is noted for offering a unique look into science, art, as well as human perception. They are famous for their “Tactile Dome,” an all-dark exhibit in which visitors must “see” with the sense of touch, as well as for their “Mind” exhibits (exploring topics such as emotion, perception, learning, and communication).

National Air and Space Museum, D.C.

The Smithsonian Institution’s most visited museum houses two of the Wright Brothers’ 1902 Flyers, as well as moon rock that is open for public touch and exploration. An excellent site to visit and learn about American innovations in flight and space travel.

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