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5 Educational YouTube Channels

We here at OWL Educational Services believe in using modern social and online platforms to encourage continued learning. With that in mind, we offer this list of educational YouTube Channels, with information on a wide variety of topics that will be fun for both the student and the adult.


TED Talks are known the world over, bringing forth countless experts to talk about a myriad of topics, from religion to technology to the arts and even current events. These videos make for a great starting point for nurturing new interests.

2.) CrashCourse

Started by the Vlog Brothers John and Hank Green, this channel provides fun and entertaining videos on various subjects, from World and US History to all the known sciences. These videos provide a great foundation on which to build one’s knowledge of important topics.


While PBS KIDS is known for their television programming, they also provide a lot of content on their YouTube channel. For the on-the-go kids who need something to fill their time, this channel will keep them entertained while also helping them to continue learning.

4.) National Geographic

The internationally known magazine sponsors this channel, providing excellent documentary-style videos from around the world. Students and adults can explore all kinds of interesting aspects of various countries and cultures.

5.) Encyclopaedia Britannica

The world-leading encyclopedia curates this channel, providing endless content on world and historical events. Their information is well researched, and they serve as a great jumping-off point for anyone looking to study up on any particular subject.

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