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5 Steps to Encourage STEM Interest in Your Child

Want to encourage a love of STEM-related topics in your child's mind and heart? The Great Lakes Science Center has published a great article telling you all the neat ways you can do just that.

It really is simple. If you want your child to become more interested in STEM topics, follow these steps:

  1. Be a positive role model, and encourage them to listen.

  2. Encourage and nurture their curiosity.

  3. Get outside and explore!

  4. Visit a local science, nature, or STEM-related museum.

  5. Find and nurture any STEM-related interest they might already have.

The article goes more in-depth on every point and can be found here. Get out there and help inspire the next generation of STEM influencers and workers!

(Source: Great Lakes Science Center website)

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