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Are you a high school student looking to go into college or the workforce? Have tv and the news confused you on what to do with yourself? Here are some ideas for things to do, not only to help make life goals but also to build up your college and work resume.

Take up an internship

Many companies offer internships, both paid and unpaid. Trades such as carpentry and electrical offer apprenticeships, where you are paid to learn for a future career. The fashion and art industries offer a wide array of internship opportunities as well. There are many other companies with similar opportunities.

Volunteer with a charitable organization

Places like The Human Society and Habitat for Humanity are always looking for volunteers to help with their mission. Working with any one of many wonderful charitable organizations can lead to future work giving back to the community, and the future can use more charitable thought leaders.

Join local clubs and work-oriented groups

There are also plenty of clubs and organizations which offer networking opportunities as well as tools for building a future career. Writing groups, The Kiwanis Club, The Sierra Club and many others can help to lead you into areas you didn't previously think possible.

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