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Are you a member of the LGBT community? Does someone you know and love in your family and friend circle belong in the group? Are you hoping to learn more about the issues facing the LGBT community? With the end of Pride Month around the corner, here are some online places where you can learn more, as well as find some amazing resources to help you—whether you are an LGBT person or an ally.

The LGBT Wikipedia Page

This is a great beginner’s start into learning about the LGBT community, and has windows leading you to more specific information or links should you need them.

The Library of Congress Page on LGBT Pride

The Library of Congress is a government-funded repository for books, newspapers, and knowledge. They’ve cultivated a wide array of information on the LGBT community, as well as matters pertaining to them.

The LGBT Network

The LGBT Network is based in Queens and Long Island New York. They are a nonprofit providing information and programs throughout the year, including the annual Pride parade.

These are just three places online where you can find information to better equip yourself for tackling LGBT issues. Be sure to continue learning and finding more resources. As always, stay informed.

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