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For Black History Month we wanted to expand the student’s path to learning about Black achievements. With that in mind we created this list of things you can do with your student to better embrace Black History Month. We hope you take advantage of some of these ideas.

1.) Watch a Documentary

There are plenty of excellent documentaries highlighting the Black experience, from I Am Not Your Negro, based on the writings of James Baldwin, to John Lewis: Good Trouble, which introduces us to the late great Georgia Representative John Lewis. Many of these films can be viewed online, and are an excellent way for your student to learn about Black history.

2.) Read Black Authors

From classic autobiographies such as Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings to contemporary graphic memoirs like John Lewis’ March Trilogy, these are stories worth reading, for students of all ages. You can check so many wonderful books by Black writers at your local library.

3.) Learn About African American Inventors

Nearly everyone has heard of George Washington Carver, the scientist and inventor who discovered so many uses for the peanut. Probably less known is Judy Reed, who in 1884 became the first Black woman to receive a patent (for a dough kneader). These are people who’ve changed the course of history for the better, and their achievements are well worth learning about.

4.) Visit a Black Museum

In Richmond there’s the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia; as you and your student will discover there are many other wonderful museums where they can learn about Black History. Visiting them will offer an excellent learning experience.

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