• jamemo2

Using Microsoft Edge Text-To-Speech Read Feature

So if you are reading this you might be wondering what the buzz is all about surrounding the Text-To-Speech Feature offered through Microsoft Edge. We will be breaking things down for you here, in a quick tutorial.

For those of you who might ask, “Why is this useful to me?” here are a few highlights:

The text can be read out loud by the virtual reader on almost any website (this allows for hands-free use, as well as the ability to sound things out and edit them).

It’s free to use and comes standard on Edge.

It allows pause, play, and text selection (which goes back to making it easier to edit select parts of a document).

Teachers can use this feature when teaching in a virtual classroom (in case they want their students to listen to a voice that allows them to follow along).

The program actually highlights words as it reads them aloud (which allows for the reader to follow along with the speaker).

Now, using this feature on a website means that you can:

Highlight individual parts of the text

Open in the immersive reader (so that you can remove ads and read with fewer distractions—this is whether you choose to use the text to voice feature or not)

Access features by right-clicking on the page

But what if you want to use this feature with PDF documents? The feature is simple, just follow these steps:

Open the file (including any digital textbooks)

Hit “read aloud” (and you may begin using this feature!)

For a point of clarity, it should be noted that there are some challenges to using this tool, including:

It may sometimes mispronounce words (mostly names or non-English based words).

Sometimes pauses can be longer between sentences (mostly through reading with PDF files).

Sometimes it will read unessential information to you (like ads or copyright notices). This can be reduced by simply choosing the highlight tool and allowing for it to read you one selection at a time.

Now you know how the Microsoft Text-To-Speech Feature works. You can now make use of it, and remember to have fun with it!