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Are you planning to attend college, but are confused about where to start? Here is a quick rundown of some important questions to ask yourself when selecting a school.


Does the prospective school offer the major in which you are interested? What are the requirements for the major? How long do students studying in this field take to complete the degree?


What is the per-semester tuition? How much does housing cost? Are there scholarships or financial aid options available to you? How about a work-study program?


How close or how far is campus from home, and how does that impact your decision? Also, how far is the campus from the nearest town? Are there nearby activities that might be fun to explore when you have downtime from your studies?

Facilities and Amenities

How well-stocked is their library? Is the school wi-fi available everywhere on campus? Is there a gym? Are the grounds kept clean and safe?

Student Activities

Do they have student clubs and service-based fraternities and sororities? How about monthly movie nights out on the quad? Some schools even set up yearly pop culture conventions—this might be fun, especially if you are going into animation or film studies!

Career Services

Is there a Career Services center where you can go and receive help and advice? Are there people with whom you can discuss career goals and ask questions?

The last question you should ask yourself, and perhaps the most important question: how do you feel on campus? Make sure to take at least a couple of tours before you decide on spending the next four years of your life at school.

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