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Annual Evaluations

Homeschooled students in many states have many criteria they need to meet. If you do not want your student taking a standardized test like the CAT or IOWA, we can help by providing an independent evaluation by a certified educator.


When making an assessment, we factor in the following criteria:

1. Student Work Samples: These should be from the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. These should include writing samples. Portfolios are also acceptable.

2. Independent Practice Assessments: Your student may be asked to complete a few short tasks related to academic goals for his/her/their current grade level. 

3. Review of Curriculum/Learning Goals: Homeschooling is a unique experience for every child. We also factor in the curriculum families have created for their learners. Many states require families to share a framework of what they plan to teach each year. We look into this in greater detail to help gain a complete view of your child's learning plan.


4.Interviews with Students and Families: We know each student is on a unique learning journey in the world of homeschooling. We work to fully understand your student's learning history, including strengths and areas for improvement.


 5. IEP/504 Plans: If your student has received support services now or in the past for IEP or 504 accommodations, we also look into those details to better understand how your student is meeting his/her/their unique learning goals. 

Kindergarten Classroom
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